14 May 2013

Designing and developing Characters

How do you get from and idea to a final piece?

It is important to explore ideas even if you have your main idea, exploring it will help you ensure the final design is the best. This process of design is used in many areas of animation and art to aid the designer in gaining the best design possible. Using various tools available to the designer the whole design process can be made interesting and informative and on the most part easier. It can also open your mind to new possibilities.

Things that you need to consider when creating a character:
Purpose- Is it for film, tv?
Genre- Is it science fiction, historical, fantasy etc?
Material limitations- For example how far can you go with prosthetics before it gets too heavy?
Resources- Your ability to do the project and the resources readily available.
Location- Where you might be applying the makeup is quite a big factor in relation to materials, health and safety etc.

Website Development

Website Experimentation

Before achieving a final overall look for my website I tried out a number of different styles to distiguish which were the most effective.


Experimentation of Designs

WIX Website Developer was used as a tool to develop my website. The site was easy to use and self explanatory.

Portfolio images were uploaded to seperate pages for each makeup specialism.

The Old Version of the Website

The New Website

The  new finished website is clear, concise and visually showcases work to a professional level. The final design is navy in colour and minimalistic for a professional visual impact.
The new website can be viewed via the link http://poppyraerattley.wix.com/makeupartist 


A few weeks ago I was asked by the beautiful model and makeup artist Jodie Santer if I would assist on a Commercial set in a medieval village. Director David Tallon devised the mock Playstation commercial 'Branded' to be entered into the MoFilm Barcelona competition 2013. Approximately 30 films were submitted to the competition overall and the quality was very strong across the board. The day was a huge success, working with an amazing team of creative individuals who all have a passion for producing unique, quality work. A massive thanks to all the cast and crew, particularly to Director David Tallon and Producer Benn Capon for their hard work and dedication to making the day a success. Everyone worked really hard and it shows in the end result! 

Click to view 'Branded'

Behind the Scenes

The Office

Actor Jared Marshall
MUA Jodie Santer and Actor Jared Marshall

Actor Daniel Cutler and Jared Marshall

Actor Walter Mirkss
Actor Daniel Cutler and Jared Marshall

  Medieval Village Set at The Ancient Technology Centre in Cranborne

The Earth House

MUA Jodie Snater and actor Daniel Cutler
On set bird featured in the commercial
Actor Daniel Cutler post makeup

MUA Poppy Rattley and Actor Jared Marshall

MUA Poppy Rattley and Actor Jared Marshall

Actor Jared Marshall

Special Effects

Makeup Artist Jodie Santer was due to apply a casualty makeup to the arm of actor Daniel Cutler on the day of filming. Jodie was asked by the director to collect another actor. The set where we were filming was isolated and there was no way of contacting Jodie as it came to the time to do the makeup. Jodie could not make it back to set on time due to unforeseen circumstances and it was placed upon myself to complete the makeup which resembled the burn from a branding iron. The iron had been premade for the shoot with the Playstation symbols as the design. I studied the length and width of the iron and freehand applied the design using sculpt gel, which I had not used before. I followed the instructing of mixing the gel and used my initiative when applying the prosthetic. The result was suitable for the camera and when Head of Makeup Jodie returned she was pleased with the result and that I had used my skills and knowledge to complete the job competently.
Applied using Sculpt gel by MUA Poppy Rattley



 Captain/Boss: Daniel Cutler

 Soldier/Employee: Jared Marshall
 PA: Walter Mirk┼ís


 Director: David Tallon

 Producer: Benn Capon

 DoP: Raz Khamehseifi
 Art Director: Alex Woodward
 1st A.D: Khuram Mirza
 Music Composer: James - Wilson Rhead
 Sound Designer: Duncan Paterson
 Make up: Jodie Santer
 Makeup assistant: Poppy Rattley



1 April 2013

Designing Business Card @ Moo.co.uk- add old cards before publish and critique


Business cards should be a conversation starter - something to be kept and acted on. Moo custom business cards allow you to select from from thousands of designs or upload your own artwork to create your own unique card.

The website is easy to follow. Just simply select the type of card you want, from standard business cards to Mini Cards and choose a base design from the large online selection. Once you have chosen the basic layout you can begin to edit the card to suit your style.

My aim was to update my exsiting card with a more professional finish and larger font.

Original Card

The style I chose for the new card combines text positioning with visuals from my portfolio for impact. The card aims to be remembered with the key text highlighted such a name, profession and mobile number.

The website offers a variety of finishes for your selected card such as rounded edges and gloss finishes. These are more expensive but add a sense of luxury and style, creating a precious card for clients.

Designs for the front of the card

 Finalized design for the front of the card

Designs for the back of the card